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Artificial Insemination only works if you work at it. Management of any AI program is difficult enough without substandard frozen semen. You would be better off to have no semen at all.

The quality control program developed at EBS is considered to be second to none. When a cattle breeder thaws a straw of semen produced by EBS, they know that their management efforts are being assisted by the highest quality frozen semen available.

The EBS quality philosophy revolves around two main theories: Place MORE than enough spermatozoa in each straw to get the job done and if a collection of frozen semen does not meet the EBS standards, then it must be discarded.

During the Prefreeze Evaluation, each step is designed to eclipse the quality goals long established at EBS. Each evaluation value is purposefully conservative and downgraded. This insures that each straw produced at EBS actually exceeds EBS’ own minimum guidelines. Semen volume is always rounded down. Concentration of spermatozoa is undercounted. Motility percentages are underestimated and a cap of 70% motility is enforced.

During the Postfreeze Evaluation, a minimum of two straws are simultaneously thawed. One straw is examined for “zero hour” motility. This sample is then evaluated at 400x to establish the percentage and classification of abnormal spermatozoa. This same sample is then evaluated at 1000x to establish acrosomal integrity. The second straw is incubated for two hours and then evaluated for “stress motility”. If a sample fails to meet or exceed EBS’ requirements in just a single category, the entire collection is discarded.

At Elgin Breeding Service, We have a quality control program. And we live by it!



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