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Texas heat provides challenges when collecting semen in the summer months. We have been waiting for the day to be able to keep a bull cool and comfortable in the summer without moving the bull or using a cooling system that is detremental to their health. The day came in 2014 when we secured the technology that we implemented into our PolarPen. Here are some points of interest for the PolarPen:

  • The ground has been dug over 12 foot down to allow urine to be fully eliminated. No ammonia posioning possible.
  • The unit is fully enclosed, with a housing capability of 2 bulls per unit. There is also a center "walk between" so that we can go inside the PolarPen with the bulls at any time.
  • Video monitoring 24/7 on the bulls in the PolarPen is essential. Not only can we see the bulls in person, but through technology, we can check on the bulls constantly with our cell phones.
  • Temperature monitoring is also essential. We have the technology to constantly know the temperature inside the PolarPen. If the temperature drops below a certain level, rises above a certain level or the humidity changes, everyone in our office gets a notification. That allows us to immediately check on the situation in the PolarPen.
  • The cooling technology uses about the same electricity as 2 light bulbs. Compare that with a normal A/C unit and the difference is astounding, since this unit runs constantly when it is hot outside.
  • The cooling unit uses no chemicals like a typical A/C unit. There is no recirculated air either. All the air that comes in is fresh, cooled air. Another way to reduce the circulation of the chemicals in urine.
  • When it is 100 degrees outside, we have proven the cooling unit to keep the PolarPen at around 76 degrees with limited humidity.
  • Each bull has his own run outside of the PolarPen. Every night, and as necessary, the bulls will go outside and walk around and "be a bull"
  • As with all of our pens, the feed and the water are separated, so the bull must walk to water and eat.

This is not just an "air conditioned barn". This is the future of semen collection. Imagine getting a bull collected at the quality we uphold ourselves to, in the middle of summer. Not having to worry about heat stress on the semen, or the health and safety of the bull. Knowing that the top of the line technology is being used to ensure the best semen in the industry, all while your bull has a mini vacation from the scorching summer.

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